Trailside Sports custom builds Xtraice synthetic ice rinks for virtually every size and budget from backyard rinks to commercial rinks and municipal winter rinks. In an ever-expanding market of poorly manufactured synthetic ice products, Xtraice rinks are seamlessly connected, self-lubricated, and so durable they come with a warranty.

The synthetic ice rinks can be easily installed anywhere and can be custom fit to any space. The panels are adaptable – they can be removed, stored, or set up in a new location.

Xtraice rinks require no energy for installation or upkeep, making them environmentally friendly as well. Xtraice is 100% recyclable and reduces carbon emissions when used in place of traditional ice rinks. Xtraice is the best synthetic ice skating surface ever made and the only one in the world with serial number and ISO / TUV 14001 & 9001 certificate.

Best of all, Xtraice can be enjoyed in temperatures ranging from -112ºF (-80ºC) to 212ºF (100ºC) without any change in gliding conditions or color variation. Skate on your very own synthetic ice rink all year round with Xtraice!



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